That’s A Wrap folks!

That’s a wrap folks! Another series in the can, so they say. I am so humbled and excited to have been included in this project and the other two I have worked on with Go Button MediaPhantom Signals and Secret Nazi Bases.

This time out there was so much information it had to be done over two days. I clocked over 10 hours in front of the camera to complete my contributions to this new show Secret Nazi Expeditions.

I am no Nazi expert, but I do know a thing or two about archaeological sites, early humans and a lot more. After spending time researching and presenting the info about these crazy expeditions, my brain is drawing a blank on what I actually spoke about! Guess I’ll have to wait like everyone else to see what makes the final cut across 8 episodes…or is it 6? I honestly can’t recall.

Thank you, Daniel, Robin, Reuben and all the amazing folks for your expertise in pulling these shows together. Below is a little sneak peek. of my time in the studio.

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