Why Team Build?

One of the most powerful reasons for team building is the results. Through a series of planned exercises/games that are fun, interactive and motivational, teams build skills they can use in the workplace such as long-term cooperation, communication, critical thinking, responsible risk-taking, problem-solving and creativity while fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, and processing.

Top 5 Reasons Team Building Works!

  1. Communication
    It is no surprise the top reason team building is so successful is it teaches people to communicate and work better together. Everyone wants their work environment to be a friendly place where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with each other.
    Successful team building activities teach people to be more comfortable with each other and in turn more comfortable and successful in their workplace environment.
  2. Socializing and Making New Friends
    Socializing and making friends in the workplace can be difficult. So many personalities under one roof it’s hard to know everyone. Team Building offers everyone a level playing field whether it is Upper Management or the people on the ground floor. Interaction with all levels throughout the workplace opens up productivity. Not only does it increase morale, it also allows for deeper friendships and colleague relationships solving everyday workplace issues.
  3. Boosting team performance through cooperation
    Cooperation also improves workplace projects that involve a team. After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work in cooperation creating progress which is vital to a company.
  4. Collaboration and Inspiration
    People tend to allow their imaginations to soar when they are around people they feel comfortable with. Successful team building adventures not only bring people closer together but they also lead to more successful and creative workplace ideas. People who Imagine great things together make them happen!
  5. Motivation
    Doing the same job day to day may be rewarding to some, but is it fun for everyone? Work may not always be fun and games but sometimes it should be. Team Building teaches simple yet memorable ways to stay motivated and when employees are motivated everyone wins!

Let Us Custom Design a Team Building Adventure for you…or choose from our already amazing options.

Movie Magic 101

Rarely, do we think about all the components that are required to create a great film. From writing and producing to visualization and location design as well as the acting. ALL these things and more make it happen. Each detail has to be tackled with skill and expertise. This team building adventure takes the group through the process of creating their very own film. From deciding on skill sets, writing, working the camera, acting, and editing. The team will be challenged to create their very own “fun film” using digital media, narration and other effects.

The Creative

  • Imagination -Brainstorming session to decide on skill sets and tasks
  • Co-operation – Group will be divided into smaller teams to perform decided tasks
  • Get Creative – A Script and Storyboard are created
  • Use critical thinking skills – Production team will carry out digital photography and compilation
  • Teams will come together to create finished production with narration and effects, Film will be presented at end of session

Not Just Improv

Have you ever watched Whose Line Is It Anyway?
This team building adventure is your very own version of the ever-popular show.  Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in challenging games and scenarios that will need to be worked through with the help of their colleagues. We never know what will happen, but we guarantee fun and laughter will be a very BIG part of the experience.

The Creative

Team members will participate in a series of Improvised games, including:

  • Ice Breaker
  • Acceptance
  • Spontaneity
  • Your Name Is My Name Too
  • Responsible Risk
  • Follow the Follower
  • Embrace The Race – Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?
  • 10 Fingers
  • This Ain’t Hollywood
  • Gibberish
  • …and more!

Bob Who?

This is a team building adventure like no other. Imagine setting up your paints and canvas ready for a day of happy clouds and big ol’ trees, only to find Bob Ross has gone missing and a NEW art instructor has taken his place.

Your team will be furnished with art supplies and instructions on how to create their very own masterpiece. Little do they know, things are not quite what they seem and our rogue artist isn’t quite what is expected. Teams will learn through improvisation, co-operation, imagination, risk-taking and critical thinking to create more than just a painting they can take home at the end of the day.  Painting skills are not required for this fun-filled team building adventure.

The Creative

  • Try New Things
  • Be Bold
  • Problem Solve
  • Use one’s Imagination
  • Work in Co-operation
  • Improvise when necessary
  • Take risks
  • Apply critical thinking
  • Problem Solve
  • Find solutions
  • Build relationships
  • Have fun

All Team Building Adventures are Half Day or Full Day depending on the number of participants.  Larger groups will be broken into Morning and Afternoon sessions.

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