No matter the market or what you’re looking for I can bring ANY copy to life in the most exciting, enticing and appealing way.
Bring me your ideas and I will breathe life into them!

As a professional copywriter, editor and actor/voice-over artist, I have spent many years writing, editing, reading and performing copy in some form or another. I have written commercials, scripts, blogs and copy used to sell food, travel destinations, vehicles, and all manner of products and services to a variety of demographics across North America and Europe. Well versed in effectively creating attention-grabbing copy for all my clients. 

FOOD is one of my passions in life. Cooking allows you to embark on a journey across the globe without ever leaving your kitchen. Join me as I cook up a delectable plate of expression and delicious visuals through word. What if food isn’t your thing?

Let’s hit the gym, pump up those words and push them until they are larger than life! Get them moving so they are fluid yet impactful. Work those adjectives and nouns until they are stronger, faster and better then they were before.

My job is to write you effective copy or edit what you already have. Remove unnecessary dialogue, superfluous words, and quirks that do not add value, all while maintaining your original objectives, your personality and your message.  I work professionally and quickly to bring your project to fruition in a timely manner.

My job as a copywriter and editor is to bring any copy to life in the most exciting, enticing and appealing way I can for my clients.
You, at the end of the day, are looking for sales results and I am hired to showcase my skill, be that writing, editing or performing these pieces to help you sell!

I have years of knowledge tucked under my belt and the ability to write and edit any kind of copy. I catch all unnecessary dialogue, superfluous words, and quirks that do not add value, all while maintaining your original objectives, your personality and your message.  I work professionally and quickly to bring your project to fruition in a timely manner.

How I work:

  • If you are hiring me via WRITERS WORK, please refer to the website agreements and procedures.
  • Freelance – I sell my work as Blocks of Time that may be purchased with a 4-hour minimum for the first draft.
  • Additional time will be billed in hourly increments only.
  • Turn around time on most projects is 2 to 3 days for scripts up to 10,000 words. Over 10,000 words is an additional 2 days for delivery with additional hours billed accordingly.
  • Rush jobs needed within 24 hrs are billed at double time with a 4 hr min.
  • I accept payment via e-transfer in Canada or PayPal (US dollars). PayPal accepts major credit cards worldwide.
  • You receive the first draft within 24 hrs for approval. I will make any changes requested within 2 days return of the first draft.
  • I accept the following formats: ODT, DOC, DOCX, RTF or plain text ONLY!
  • All finished documents will be returned in PDF and optionally, your preference of ODT, DOC, DOCX.

Presenting A Sales Script Yourself

If you are thinking about getting out in front of the camera and presenting your own Sales Script there are many things to take into consideration. Your Camera Presence, Posture, Facial Expressions, and What to do with your entire body during the process.  Unless you are an actor or have the previous training these are not things that can be learned overnight. Also, what about your voice? How does it sound? Do you speak clearly, concisely and with diction? Is there a Resonance and Tone that will keep people engaged? What if you speak with an accent or a nasal pitch? So many things to learn and so little time. Take the fear and anxiety out of presenting your own script with a little training.  This is another area where I can help you.  Check out my testimonials below. Some of the best in their fields have used me to whip them into shape before taking the plunge. I am available in person if you live in the Niagara Region (Ontario), Greater Hamilton Area, or via Skype. Think of it as having your own personal coach right there with you!

If you are interested in obtaining my editing services, require a referral or pricing please contact me and I will be happy to get back to you and answer any further questions you may have.

Truly skilled at the art of copy writing!

Finding a truly skilled copywriter can be extremely difficult and costly. Seika is someone, who I can say is one of the few who is truly skilled at the art of copy writing. She knows what works. Her unique ability to turn average copy into high converting sales pages is what makes her a true master. She propelled my sales page to the next level.
Rob Rose
Rob Rose Fit

Helped improve the quality of my YouTube videos & video sales scripts!

Seika has become my secret weapon prior to shooting any script that is meant for massive revenue. I wish I had discovered her 10 years ago; she’s helped me with everything you don’t learn in ‘marketing school’ but is equally important for increased conversions and revenue – clarity, brevity, pronunciation, tonality, and so many more skills that have helped improve the quality of my YouTube videos and video sales scripts. I will never record a major script again until Seika has got her hands on it. She’s a true professional, skilled, honest, passionate and will take your delivery to another level!
Vince Del Monte
Vince Del Monte Fitness

The difference in the end result is night and day!

Seika came highly recommended – which already gave her a tick in the box, and she did not disappoint. She was recommended by my mentor, who is obviously invested in my success, but has a lot more experience than myself, so I was hesitant on how she’d deal with someone earlier on in his career. Well, those worries were soon taken away with her great communication skills and support she gave throughout the project. I am used to letting friends “check” over my work, but with Seika, the difference in the end result is night and day. I will be coming back to her for my next sales page, and I’m sure I won’t stop there.
Lee Johnson
Devoted Dad Project

Tips on Writing a Sales Script

Writing a Sales Script is not an easy task. There are so many things to take into consideration before you start:

  • How do you want the script to come across?
  • What kind of language do you use to get your message across?
  • Do you want it to be a HARD Pitch or are you looking for something more natural?
  • Are there too few or too many words?
  • How do you know when it is right?
  • What do I want?
  • How do you close the deal/make the sale?

Your focus should always be on your prospect and you should speak their language.

If your industry has a particular lingo – and don’t they all –  make sure you use it! You cannot market yourself as an expert if you do not know the language. There are times, however, when the industry may use “certain” lingo, but your prospect doesn’t know or use it. If this is the case speak plainly. Your intent should always be clear, concise communication. You want to be understood! Your Sales Script does not need to be a HARD SELL to get your point across unless that is your style. Bolster your pitch by using your personality, after all, it is you who is supposed to be the expert. Tell them in your own words how you saved them time, money or how they benefit from YOUR knowledge, service or product! You might want to include different success stories depending on the type of lead you are working.

Sales scripts should be fluid. Whether you are face to face with your prospect or via a multi-media platform, your conversation should be an extension of yourself. You need to determine what parts of your script will bring that buyer over to your side. Make sure you leave maneuvering room in your script if you need to change tactics down the road. Always be prepared by knowing which of your benefits interest your prospective target market and throw your focus on those. Have several success stories that you can use and don’t be afraid to say the unexpected or to use humour. Keeping a prospect’s attention over a short time period by saying the RIGHT thing works far better than prattling on with too much information, especially those intended for online marketing campaigns. Short, Sweet and to the Point will outsell any long-winded explanations of WHY.  Knowing how to get it right goes a long way.

Now that you have your prospect’s interest you have to ask yourself the question “WHAT DO I WANT?”  You want to get your foot in the door and turn that prospect into a customer who will buy your product or service. Do this by introducing yourself, your product/service and your company in an enticing way that excites them to buy!

Closing (and this is the tough bit); is this prospect worth your time and energy? 

Closing is always the toughest part of any Sales script.  Even after you have all your ducks in a row and it seems like a sure thing there is an IMMEDIATE action required. If there is no sense of urgency a prospect can walk away, take time to think about what they MIGHT want to do or worse they may NEVER return to make that sale. Whether you are presenting a video sales letter or an online written script a CALL TO ACTION is required, you have to decide what that will be. Is it a time-sensitive offer? A discount they won’t receive elsewhere? or maybe it’s an Add-On to services or Exclusive Membership to a private online forum etc… whatever it is it has to be Authentic. It has to offer added value for products or services rendered. At that moment the prospect has to believe that if they do not Grab up what is in front of them they will no longer have access to it later.  This sense of urgency is the KEY to closing a sale along with your knowledge and the ability to satisfy your prospective new clients.  SO…get out there and create a massive revenue script. You CAN do it and if you need my help, please contact me using the button below.