You’ve taken the acting classes, gone through college or learned on set, but has anyone taught you HOW to navigate the industry?

It’s now time to evaluate where you are and create a plan for the future.

Jumpstart your career with the real-world information you need to succeed. 
A Mentor can help you navigate not only your career, but also your life!

I offer you a lifetime of lessons learned, experience, and expertise. Having traveled the road you are on, I felt lost and had no idea which direction to turn on more than one occasion. It was scary and disheartening, but along the way I met beautiful, creative people who came to my rescue and offered me help, in the form of what I call GPS (Guidance, Perseverance, Success). Mentors who stepped up and taught me how to regain my footing, find that road to success and move forward toward my goals. I have never forgotten those valuable lessons.

My mentors taught me to sell my best product…ME!
They showed me how to connect with resources in the acting community that allowed me to navigate through the rough spots,  and how to stay in touch with the who’s who of my city and beyond. They taught me to look at things from a completely different perspective. My epiphany moment came with these few words by a wonderful lady who took me under her wing when I was 35 yrs old and still struggling. “ You’re not just an Actor, YOU are also an Entrepreneur.” These few words became a pivotal point in my life. It changed the way I viewed myself, my auditions, my acting and even the way I was teaching and mentoring my own clients at the time.

So where am I going with all of this?

My pitfalls, my training, my success stories are how I teach and mentor my clients. I have taken my experience and knowledge and created a program I call CRAFT: Creating Relevance, Achievement, Focus & Time Management.

My program offers full support along your journey. It teaches you to achieve balance in your creativity, art, and career. As your mentor, I will guide you on how to create strong, tangible choices that you can carry through every aspect of your life.

My purpose is to now SHARE my incredible journey and life lessons with YOU! Think of me as your Councillor of Creativity. here to ensure you remain confident, emotionally invested and intrinsically connected to every level of your DREAM.

Aligning with a MENTOR is one of the greatest things you will ever do for yourself!

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