Acting Fundamentals

These sessions are designed for actors who have little to no formal acting background but have the desire to learn and understand technique. The sessions cover what is needed to become a successful actor, the building blocks that provide opportunity and how to apply the techniques.

These sessions are open to anyone who wants to try their hand at acting, as well as those who may already have a little experience but have no practical training. Students will learn to develop their Listening Skills, Body Language, Interaction and Improv Skills, while acting scenes in the moment. Using material from theatre, film or television, Acting Fundamentals offers the opportunity to learn:

  • How to Be Present In A Scene
  • How to Analyse A Script
  • What Are Your Objectives And How To Identify Them
  • How Actions & Tactics connect you with your partner in a scene, or to the scene itself

Acting Fundamentals is offered to small groups of 8 to 10 students at one time. Space is limited and demand high for these sessions.

Rates: $225 (6 weeks, 1 hour sessions)
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance
In person or ONLINE available. Please note at time of booking.

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Private Acting Coaching

Private coaching with  me, Seika Groves enables you to receive one-on-one personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs as an actor. The attention and focus  will be on ‘you’.

One on one coaching provides you with the opportunity to work exclusively within the areas you need to improve. This may be removing emotional blocks and repressed energy or personal obstacles in or outside of your acting work. If you need more work on overcoming anxiety in the audition process etc…

These acting classes are coached by me personally!

I have a background in Accessing Archetypes, Movement, Relaxation and Focusing Techniques, as well  working with Energetic and Emotional Modalities to get to the root of any creative or emotional block or resistance.  I will teach you to find your best self and be present in the creative process.

These sessions are on-going and package rates are available.
I am available in person at my home in the Niagara region or online via Skype.
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Improv Training

Learn what makes the art of Improvisation so vital to an actor. Whether stage or screen, learning to improvise will make you a better, more well-rounded actor; ready for ANY situation that may arise!

Not all Improv is fun and games but it helps – these sessions teach the student how to use what happens in the moment to their advantage. Improv fundamentals, like those taught at Second City, teach the basics of storytelling, reaction, confidence, timing and using your brain at all times when reacting in the moment. Improv is fun for everyone, not just actors!

Rates: $175 (6 weeks 1 hr)
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance
In person or ONLINE available. Please note at time of booking.

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Kids Summer Acting Classes (Community Programming)

Port Colborne:

Join the City of Port Colborne Kids Summer Drama Camp or Jr. Drama Camp at The Roselawn Centre – taught by Seika Groves.

Each session is age based and runs for one week per age group. Kids will have the opportunity to learn theatre games and acting techniques based on their age group and also take part in writing, rehearsing and acting in their very own one act play!

Jr. Drama Camp
Aug. 6 to Aug. 9, 2019 – 9am to 4pm
Ages: 6 – 9
Cost: $100/child

Drama Camp
Aug 26 to Aug 30, 2019 – 9am to 4pm
Ages: 10 – 14
Cost: $125/child

Registration: Use the link below, or call The City Of Port Colborne, 905.835.2901 ext. 532
(Credit Card, Debit Card)

** Please bring a peanut free lunch, snacks and a drink. No cellphone use during class.

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Bridgeburg (Fort Erie):

Quasi Dreadful Drama Camp at The Bell Tower Arts & Entertainment Complex – taught by Seika Groves.

Ignite your child’s imagination! A combination of theatre games, performance skills and discovering their own creative voice.
This 5 day camp will also develop self-confidence and social skills while exploring the world of stage!

July 15th to 19th, 2019 – 9am to 4pm
Ages: 7 to 13
Cost: $120/child
Registration: Use the link below or call The Bell Tower (289) 320-9968
(Cash, eTransfer, Credit Cards)

** Please bring a peanut free lunch, snacks and a drink. No cellphone use during class.

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All services must be paid in full at time of registration unless otherwise arranged. 

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