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  • Documentary and factual TV programs include shows such as “Phantom Signals,” “Secret Nazi Bases,” “Secret Nazi Expeditions,” “In the Shadows: Secret Societies,” “Mysteries of the Ancient Dead,” “Cursed Histories,” “Inner Space,” “Deals from the Dark Side,” “The Paranormal Show,” and more.
  • Narration — Iron Age Bog Mummies, Ancient Wheelhouses, Vikings in North America, etc.
  • Period Piece Audio Books — Victorian Ghostly Stories, Balorbane, Halfpenny Dreadfuls Presents
  • Podcasts (guest/host) — Down The Rabbit Hole, The Paranormal Show, History Bites, Historical Mysteries Of The Past
  • Lectures — Prehistoric Food, Strange Death Rituals, Fantastic Mummies and many others.
  • Mummy Unwrapping in Victorian Era, Sacrifice or Murder of Bronze Age Bog Mummies, Unveiling Mysteries of Incan Child Mummies, Early Paleolithic Rituals, Hunter-Gatherer Food and Cooking Techniques and more.
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