Seika Groves is a Canadian/UK Archaeologist, Historian and TV Presenter who currently resides in Ontario, Canada. She appears as an expert on a number of documentary and factual TV shows such as Phantom Signals, Secret Nazi Bases, Secret Nazi Expeditions, Inner Space and others. Her expertise in archaeology and history allows her to cover an array of topics from Ancient Egypt, to WWII, and everything in between.

The easiest way to explain what I do, is to think of it as literally unearthing a story.
Seika Groves, BSc

As a Battlefield Archaeologist, Seika focuses on BSI (Battle Site Investigation) which allows her to examine the topography, weather conditions and other details that play a major role in the outcome of a battle. Using investigative techniques that range from a shovel and trowel, to database research, there is always something intriguing to uncover. Some of the fascinating sites she has worked on include: War of 1812 locations (Canada, USA), Bannockburn (Scotland), Agincourt (France), Stamford Bridge (England) and other locations associated with Viking Invasions as well as the Crusades.

Her additional background in Museum Programming/Docent/Interpreter, Victorian History, Historical Costuming, Broadcasting (TV & Radio) and Theatre all lend to Seika’s eclectic persona and make her a popular choice as a lecturer and presenter.

In 2006, Seika began work on an experimental archaeology project she now calls The Gypsy Chef.
Originally the project began by test cooking recipes spanning the past thousand or so years in the UK. The project took a turn when she discovered oral recipes that had been passed down through her own Romany (UK) family members, and amongst the GTR people. Today this project contains almost 400 recipes and is still growing. Seika has experimented with each one; using original ingredients, techniques and utensils when possible, and while not all fall into the GTR demographic, each recipe is accompanied by a story of its origin, original ingredients, test results, and in some cases how the dish has evolved over the years.