After leaving archaeological field work in 2006, Seika established her business Halfpennydreadfuls, a company that brings together her love of history, archaeology. and parapsychology. Despite facing skepticism from some in her former field, she continues to work on revealing insights into historical findings, and locations. Seika was born with the natural abilty to perceive and receive information that is often shared through clairaudient or clairsentitent ways. This simply means she uses her abilities to uncover narratives beyond that reach of conventional techniques by engaging with energy imprints. This additional level of guidance has lead to a better understanding of specific locatons and the people who once dwelled there. Not one to readily accept everything presented she compliles the paranormal aspects of discovery and juxtapositions them with historical documents substantiate the validity of the information passed along..

The natural world and the preternatural world are one and the same.

Seika Groves B.Sc.

Over the years Seika has utilized her preternatural expertise at a diverse array of archaeological sites she has worked on, including Mexico’s Ek’ Balam, locations associated with the War of 1812 in both Canada and the United States, Scotland’s Bannockburn, France’s Agincourt, England’s Stamford Bridge, as well as areas related to the Viking invasions and the Crusades. Her findings have made her a popular and renowned lecturer on the conference circuit.

Seika is also regularly featured on television for her insights into history and parapsychology. Recent shows include “Secret Nazi Bases,” “Secret Nazi Expeditions,” “Mysteries of the Ancient Dead,” “Phantom Signals,” “Secret Societies: In The Shadows,” “Inner Space,” “Deals From The Dark Side,” “Paranormal Survivor,” “Repossessed,” and others in production.