Seika Groves is an archaeologist, historian, TV presenter, and public speaker who divides her time between Ontario, Canada, the USA, and the UK. With her expertise, she has captivated audiences as a frequent guest on documentary and factual TV shows. She possesses a truly captivating breadth of knowledge, exploring fascinating realms that encompass the enigmatic past, occult practices, the origins of humanity, and the mysteries behind ancient architecture. She delves into captivating discussions about planets and stars, which played a significant role in prehistoric culture. Additionally, she sheds light on intriguing topographic features and explores the impact of weather patterns on ancient sites.

While studying archaeology in university, Seika challenged mainstream beliefs and fearlessly asked her professors for concrete answers and empirical observations.She was often regarded as argumentative and constantly reminded that, in her role as a “student of archaeology,” she should stop questioning everything and start embracing established data and methods of application. One teaching assistant even went as far as to say “if she wanted a career in the field she best get in line with the process.”

Never one to back down from a challenge, Seika finished her degree, and eventually moved away from formal archaeology. She currently uses extensive research, investigative science and modern techniques like GPR and drones to study the influence of geography, celestial bodies, and weather patterns on ancient civilizations’ choice of settlement locations.In the midst of persisting “mainstream” and “outdated” ideologies, Seika is resolutely forging ahead. She tirelessly advocates for advancing traditional ideas and Victorian perspectives, along with a group of “reformed” archaeologists and historians.

Seika explores ancient sites and entertains audiences with talks at museums, historical events, conferences, and TV shows such as Phantom Signals, Secret Nazi Expeditions, In The Shadows: Secret Societies, Mysteries Of The Ancient Dead, Cursed Histories, Inner Space, among others.

History is most often written from a narrow viewpoint. As a society we should be pushing for this to change. What we have been taught is biased and FUNDAMENTALLY INCORRECT!
Seika Groves, B.Sc.

Some of the fascinating sites she has worked on include: Ek’ Balam (Yucatan, MX), War of 1812 locations (Canada, USA), Bannockburn (Scotland), Agincourt (France), Stamford Bridge (England) and other locations associated with Viking Invasions as well as the Crusades.

Seika is a highly sought-after lecturer and presenter due to her diverse experience in Museum Programming, Docent work, Interpretation, Historical Costuming, Broadcasting (TV & Radio), and Theatre.

An ongoing project is unravelling the history of her father’s traveller culture. The project began in 2006 with a base in experimental archaeology, test cooking recipes that span the past thousand or so years in various areas of the UK and Europe. The project took an exciting twist when she unearthed ancestral oral recipes that had been handed down through generations from her Romany (UK) family members, as well as within the GTR community. Today this project contains almost 400 recipes and is still growing. Seika has passionately delved into the art of experimentation, employing authentic ingredients, traditional techniques, and ancient utensils, whenever feasible.

She has embarked on a captivating project that aims to explore the profound wisdom of ancient cuisine, fearlessly challenging the traditional beliefs surrounding the meals that our ancestors consumed. Will she uncover the mysteries of the ancient dietary habits, rituals, and cultural practices of hunter-gatherer societies?

Stay tuned for updates and funding for this project.