A Few New TV Shows On The Way

It has been a busy year with lots of travel and adventures in new and exciting places. Exploring the captivating historical significance and unique topography of Poverty Point, with its tremendous Indigenous mounds in Louisiana, has always ignited an overwhelming desire within me. In 2023, I finally got to visit the site not only once but on two separate occasions. I also visited different Indigenous mound sites, such as the Grand Village of the Natchez in northern Mississippi, the mounds at LSU in Baton Rouge, and some impressive mounds on private land in south Louisiana.

Poverty Point has impressive earthworks, including ridges, mounds, and a central plaza. The site’s earthworks core is about 345 acres (140 ha) in size. However, archaeological research indicates that the occupied area extended for over three miles (5 km) along the Bayou Macon. The earthworks are truly awe-inspiring. They consist of six ridges shaped like a C. These ridges are unique to the Poverty Point site.

A truly captivating location unlike any other in North America.

Besides exploring the countryside on archaeological adventures, I have also finished filming two seasons of a new show. The editing stage for the first season of Cursed Histories is currently underway, with an eagerly awaited release date set for early 2024. Season 2 will follow later next year. I am delighted to announce that I have also made appearances on numerous other historical TV shows and have successfully completed them. Currently, I am actively seeking a production company and network to showcase my own TV show. There’s always something interesting happening. Stay tuned…

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