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All sessions are taught in Port Colborne.
Adults 18+ and Teens 13 to 17

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Private Voice Coaching

Most people forget that their VOICE is one of their most powerful assets and key selling points!


I can help you! As a performer who has been working in the industry for over 30 years, I have trained and worked with some of the best and have acquired life long skills that I will share with you to help enrich your acting skills, learn those tough monologues and nail those auditions! (My personal experience includes performing in hundreds of stage productions, television series, films, radio, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and more)

Empower all areas of your daily life. Whether you are a Voice Over, Stage or Television/Film Actor, my years of experience can help you.

You  will learn how to utilize your voice to it’s fullest potential and achieve your individual goals and improve your skills to become a more confident, resonant and compelling person in whatever you do.

Rates: $45 per 1/2 hour and $100 for a full hour
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance in blocks of 4
Sessions are available throughout the year.

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Intensive Private Coaching

Intensive Private Coaching sessions are designed for those who need an immediate boost to their skills! Whether preparing for an audition, an upcoming shoot or to push your limits as an actor in new areas; each session is personalized to the actor’s needs and requirements.

Coaching is also available on set for any actors who have taken a minimum of 4 private sessions (at a reduced on set rate).

Rates: $100 per hour – (Daytime sessions may be available)
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance. These are geared to the coach and actors schedule please contact us for details or click button below to book.

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Acting Fundamentals

These sessions are designed for actors who have little to no formal acting background but have the desire to learn and understand technique. The sessions cover what is needed to become a successful actor, the building blocks that provide opportunity and how to apply the techniques.

These sessions are open to anyone who wants to try their hand at acting, as well as those who may already have a little experience but have no practical training. Students will learn to develop their Listening Skills, Body Language. Interaction and Improv Skills while acting scenes in the moment. Using material from theatre, film or television, Acting Fundamentals offers the opportunity to learn:

  • How to Be Present In A Scene
  • How to Analyse A Script
  • What Are Your Objectives And How To Identify Them
  • How Actions & Tactics connect you with your partner in a scene, or to the scene itself

Acting Fundamentals is offered to small groups of 8 to 10 students at one time. Space is limited and demand high for these sessions. 

Rates: $225 (6 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions)
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance
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Improv Training

Learn what makes the art of Improvisation so vital to an actor. Whether stage or screen, learning to improvise will make you a better, more well rounded actor; ready for ANY situation that may arise!

Not all Improv is fun and games but it helps – these sessions teach the student how to use what happens in the moment to their advantage, Improv fundamentals like those taught at Second City teach the basics of story telling, reaction, confidence, timing and using your brain at all times when reacting in the moment. Improv is fun for everyone not just actors.  

Rates: $175 (6 weeks 1 hr)
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance
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 Public Speaking For Everyone

Speeches, Sermons, Seminars…

Does the idea of speaking in front of people make you weak in the knees? Does your mind go blank the minute you start speaking in front of an audience? Are your Corporate Training Sessions held in the “bored” room? Is your Congregation more asleep than awake?

Just like an Actor, your VOICE is a valuable asset – your most powerful tool to teach, enlighten or inspire. Develop your RESONANCE, RICHNESS, TONE, CLARITY and DICTION. Improve your CONFIDENCE and never be afraid to speak in front of an audience again!

Individual Rates: $45 per 1/2 hour and $100 for a full hour
All sessions must be booked and prepaid in advance
Corporate or Group Sessions at your location, contact me for rates.

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