DO you want to speak with confidence?
you want to speak clearly?
you want to speak so you are heard?


Whether for personal satisfaction, business, acting or any public speaking, learn to master your greatest tool – your voice! You don’t have to be an actor or announcer to learn this – anyone will improve their speaking voice with this training. Let my 30 plus years of experience in radio, voiceover, film, theatre, music & education help you speak with confidence!


Seika has become my secret weapon prior to shooting any script that is meant for massive revenue. I wish I had discovered her 10 years ago; she’s helped me with everything you don’t learn in ‘marketing school’ but is equally important for increased conversions and revenue – clarity, brevity, pronunciation, tonality, and so many more skills that have helped improve the quality of my YouTube videos and video sales scripts. I will never record a major script again until Seika has got her hands on it. She’s a true professional, skilled, honest, passionate and will take your delivery to another level.
Vince Del Monte, Vince Del Monte Fitness
Voice Coaching For Actors (Seika Groves)